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Become proficient in Dynamic Cupping. Learn from the original creator based on 25 years of Cupping experience. Course designed by massage therapists for massage therapists! View our course curriculum below!

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    • Handout Download

    • Chapter 1 History of Cupping Therapy

    • Chapter 2 Classifications of Cupping

    • Chapter 3 Common Types of Cups

    • Chapter 4 What is Cupping Therapy?

    • Quiz 1

    • Chapter 5 Blood Vessels and Circulation

    • Chapter 6 Vacuum Effects

    • Chapter 7 Guideline for Cupping Therapy

    • Chapter 8 Contraindications

    • Quiz 2

    • Chapter 9 Cupping Application

    • Chapter 10 Benefits

    • Chapter 11 Cupping Marks

    • Chapter 12 Possible Cupping Reactions

    • Quiz 3

    • End of Theory

  3. 3
  4. 4
    • Chapter 1 Dynamic Cupping STEP 1

    • Chapter 2 Dynamic Cupping STEP 2

    • Chapter 3 Dynamic Cupping STEP 3

    • Review of the Shoulder

    • Chapter 4 DC of the Scapular Region

    • Review of Scapular Region

    • Chapter 5 Final Flush of the Area

    • Review of Final Flush

    • Shoulder Quiz 5

  5. 5
    • Chapter 1 Warm up and Quadratus Lumborum Release

    • Review of QL

    • Chapter 2 Upper Gluteal Area

    • Review of Upper Gluteal Area

    • Chapter 3 Stegosaurus

    • More Details on Stegosaurus

    • Low Back Quiz 6

  6. 6
    • Chapter 1 Safe and Professional Draping

    • Chapter 2 Warm up and Stationary Layout

    • Review Hip and Thigh

    • Chapter 3 Lifting Techniques

    • Review of the Lifting Techniques

    • Chapter 4 Hamstring

    • Review Hamstring

    • Chapter 5 Legosaurus

    • Review Legosaurus

    • Chapter 6 Alternate ITB Technique

    • Review ITB

    • Hip and Thigh Quiz 7

  7. 7
    • Chapter 1 Warming Up

    • Review the Calf Area

    • Chapter 2 Ankle

    • Review of the Ankle

    • Chapter 3 Foot

    • More Details on the Foot

    • Leg and Foot Quiz 8

  8. 8
    • Chapter 1 Warm up of Chest Area

    • Chapter 2 Pectoral Muscle Attachments

    • Review of Chest Area

    • Chapter 3 Triceps

    • Chapter 4 Biceps

    • Chapter 5 Deltoid and Forearm

    • Review of the Arm and Forearm

    • Chapter 6 Wrist Retinaculum

    • Wrist Detailed

    • Chapter 7 Hand

    • Review of Wrist and Hand

    • Quiz Upper Limb 9

  9. 9
    • Chapter 1 Draping

    • Chapter 2 Hip Flexors

    • Chapter 3 Quads and Adductors

    • Review the Thigh

    • Chapter 4 Anterior Leg

    • Chapter 5 Anterior Ankle

    • Review Anterior Leg

    • Quiz Anterior Leg 10

  10. 10
    • Chapter 1 Neck

    • Chapter 2 Face

    • Chapter 3 Masseter

    • Review of the Neck, Face and Jaw

  11. 11
    • Video Assignment to become Certified (Optional)

  12. 12
    • We Would Like to Hear From You

What to Expect?

  • Feel confident providing Dynamic Cupping without marking

  • A proof of certification allowing you to practice right away

  • Exclusive access to videos

  • Become a Dynamic Cupping Massage Therapist

  • Professionally recorded videos and content

  • 33 page handout with photos to help you remember techniques

  • Years of training and knowledge built into the course

  • Online support with questions you may have during and after the course

  • A strong theoretical part of the seminar is supported by intensive hands-on practical experience

  • 90 days access and to complete the online course

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What a difference this course makes with my clients. I am so grateful to have chosen the Seminars for Health Dynamic Cupping course. I like the emphasis on not marking. It feels safe to me.

Jillian Parent

Cupping has completely changed my practice! I am so grateful for this incredible course and practice you have put together. I do cupping on 99% of my clients now. A couple of my clients that have chronic conditions were actually in tears about what a difference the cupping has made!! Thank you thank you!! I can’t wait to take many more courses from you!!


The instructors are amazing!! I just learnt Effective Tissue Manipulation. They make it easy to learn virtually with visuals and you can learn at your own pace. I'm excited to continue my education!! Thank you!!


Easy and well-explained techniques! Great video quality and awesome break down of body sections.


The course was really well put together, and I learned a great deal. It has given me a good foundation to build on with the modality of cupping.


Taking this course transforms me. This Dynamic Cupping motivated me to learn again and to improve my skill set to better provide for my clients. Thanks for being so caring and professional.

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