Who is Seminars for Health?

Founded in 2011, SFH has trained over 15 000 massage therapists and health care providers. SFH is a recognized online and in-class accredited institution specializing in continued education for Massage Therapists. Creator of Dynamic Cupping, Kinetic Massage, Orthopedic Massage, Intraoral TMJ and Assisted Stretching Therapy and our latest course Target Muscle Release.  Our world-renowned courses help MT's elevate their practice.

  • Become a Stretch Therapist

    Transform your client's body with stretch therapy that corrects debilitating posture, leading to pain and dysfunction. Be part of the solution.

  • What clients are saying

    "I went to a stretch therapist. I hardly recognized my body afterward. I discovered how inflexible some parts of me are".

  • What is Assisted Stretching

    As its name implies, it is about stretching, but like you're never before. Most of the session is done lying down while the therapist guides the clients into positions and helps them hold.

Accreditation Status

Seminars for Health is recognized in the USA

  • NCBTMB (6)

  • FSMTA (5.5)

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Disclaimer

    3. What is Assisted Stretching SFH?

    4. Principles Behind Safe Stretching

    5. Preparing for your session

    1. Theory Handout

    2. Introduction

    3. Benefits of Stretching

    4. Quiz 1

    5. Effects on Muscles

    6. Quiz 2

    7. Effects on Tendons, Ligaments, and Capsule

    8. Quiz 3

    9. Effects on Fascia

    10. Quiz 4

    11. Neurophysiology of Stretching

    12. Quiz 5

    13. Reflexes

    14. Quiz 6

    15. Stretching Protocols

    16. Quiz 7

    17. Safety Considerations

    18. Quiz 8

    19. References

    1. Spinal Rotation

    2. Key Points with Spinal Rotation

    3. Spinal Lateral Flexion

    4. Key Points Spine Side Flexion

    5. Neck Lateral Flexion and Rotation

    6. Tips for Neck Side Flexion

    7. Neck and Shoulder Girdle

    8. Tips for Advanced Neck Side Flexion

    9. Dynamic Isolated Stretching of Upper Trapezius Muscle

    10. Tips for Success

    11. Quiz 1

    1. Dynamic Scapula

    2. Tips for Moving the Scapula

    3. Shoulder Muscles

    4. Tips for Shoulder

    5. Isolated Wrist Flexor Muscles

    6. Tips for Wrist Flexor Muscles

    7. Full Upper Body Stretch

    8. Tips for Upper Body Stretch

    9. Quiz 2

    10. Upper Body Flow!

    1. Hip Flexion, Rotation and Abduction

    2. Tips for Hip Flexion

    3. Hip Flexion with Spinal Rotation

    4. Tips for Hip Flexion with Spinal Rotation

    5. Progressive Hamstring Stretch

    6. Tips for Hamstring

    7. Hamstring Stretch with Crossed Leg

    8. Tips for Hamstring with Crossed Leg

    9. Hip Flexion and Adduction with Spinal Rotation

    10. Tips when Twisting

    11. Leg Pump by Adrianne Oyewole

    12. Tips for Leg Pumping

    13. Quiz 3

    1. Quadriceps, Tibialis Anterior and Calf Stretch

    2. Tips

    3. Hip Extension with Spinal Rotation and Final Stretch

    4. Tips for Hip Extension

    5. Tips for Full Body Stretch in Prone

    6. Quiz 4

    7. Lower Body Flow

About this course

  • $199.99
  • 68 lessons

6 chapters of content packed with clinical tips

Time of completion varies from person to person. ~5-6 hrs.

What to Expect?

  • A new modality to simultaneously stretch and assess

  • A proof of certification allowing you to practice right away

  • Professionally recorded videos and content

  • A strong theoretical part of the seminar is supported by intensive hands-on practical experience

  • Online support with questions you may have during and after the course

  • Years of training and knowledge built into the course

  • 90 days access to the course

  • Obtain 2 fantastic stretching routines to incorporate into your practice

  • Become proficient in offering your clients an upper and lower body stretching routine

  • Add diversification to your repertoire of services offered to your clients

Who Should Take this Course?

Pre-requisites: Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology university or college level courses.

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Physical Therapist and Physio students

  • Manual Osteopath

  • Athletic Therapist

  • Acupuncturist

  • Chiropractor and Chiropractor student

  • Myotherapist

  • Kinesiologist

Still not sure if this course is for you!

See what people have to say about our courses.

Definitively recommend it


Great info! I've been cupping myself for almost 2 years so I felt like I understood the general technique/idea of cupping but this course has given me so much more information. I would definitely recommend it.

What a difference this course makes


What a difference this course makes with my clients. I am so grateful to have chosen the Seminars for Health Dynamic Cupping course. I like the emphasis on not marking. It feels safe to me.

Completely changed my practice

Jillian Parent

Cupping has completely changed my practice! I am so grateful for this incredible course and practice you have put together. I do cupping on 99% of my clients now. A couple of my clients that have chronic conditions were actually in tears about what a difference the cupping has made!! Thank you thank you!! I can’t wait to take many more courses from you!!

Amazing Instructors


The instructors are amazing!! I just learnt Effective Tissue Manipulation. They make it easy to learn virtually with visuals and you can learn at your own pace. I'm excited to continue my education!! Thank you!!

Well explained


Easy and well-explained techniques! Great video quality and awesome break down of body sections.

Really well put together


The course was really well put together, and I learned a great deal. It has given me a good foundation to build on with the modality of cupping.

This transforms me


Taking this course transforms me. This Dynamic Cupping motivated me to learn again and to improve my skill set to better provide for my clients. Thanks for being so caring and professional.

Jennifer, Albuquerque, NM

Great info! I've been cupping myself for almost 2 years so I felt like I understood the general technique/idea of cupping but this course has given me so much more information. I would definitely recommend it

Well explained!

Kaylene, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Easy and well-explained techniques! Great video quality and awesome breakdown of body sections.

Lots of information

Nancy, Springfield, Missouri

The course was really well put together, and learned a great deal. It has given me a good foundation to build on with the modality of cupping.

Start right away!

You can start and pause the videos as you like. You still have access to all the content once you have completed the course for 90 days from the start up date.

Knowledge Network

Our Knowledge Network is a collection of Massage Therapy clinics and their staff who come together to promote high standard care for their patients. If you work for any of those clinics you get 10% off on all our online and in-person courses.

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